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May 2017


The FSSR staff is currently reviewing each property and working up individual property analysis based on the information you have provided to date. As assessments are received you will be notified via electronic correspondence. Please be aware and send us any documentation you receive directly for our review and processing. Taxing jurisdictions will only send a single copy of assessment notices.

FSSR is looking forward to another successful year!

Jurisdictional Specifics


Several Property Appraisers have indicated that they will be posting 2017 assessments on their websites this spring. Get that financial info to us so we can have a look. This is absolutely the best time to discuss assessments with the counties, as it is before the actual tax rolls are sent to the State Department of Revenue for certification.


Counties reappraising for TY 2017: Fayette, Muscogee

Clayton County plans to do a reappraisal TY 2018.

The 2017 GA legislative session is over and the only property tax related bill of interest was HB 196. HB 196 has two related property components. The first one is language that requires the income approach to be utilized, if data is available, in determining the fair market value of income producing property and, if actual income and expense data are voluntarily supplied by the property owner, such data shall be considered in such determination. This does mandate the use of the income approach in regards to valuing income producing property, assuming income data is available but it only requires that actual income, if voluntarily submitted, be considered. It somewhat clarifies the value approach but leaves the use of the actual income as optional, i.e. shall consider, not shall utilize. The second part of the bill to be of interest is in regards to tax credit properties and rent restrictions and how and when the tax credits can be utilized or added to the income value of the rent restricted property. The effect of this language appears to be to negate the GA Supreme Court decision from the fall of 2016 which allowed Counties to legally add the value of remaining tax credits to the real property value of tax credit properties.

Gwinnett County notices for 2017 have been sent with an appeal deadline of May 22. The County has indicated their primary property types for reappraisal are offices and hotels/motels with little emphasis on other commercial types. The Tax Assessors Office has also indicated that they will be following HB202, passed in 2016, which allows them to increase any tax values where an assessment appeal is filed which breaches 299C.

The Fulton County Board of Assessors has finally named their Chief Appraiser – Dwight Robinson – who is currently serving as the Interim Chief Appraiser. The former Chief Appraiser, David Fitzgibbons was terminated last fall. Fulton has indicated that they plan minimal commercial changes for 2017 and their 2017 notices should be issued around the middle of May.

General Appeal & Tax Bill Stats by State:

StateNotices/Values OutTaxes OutTaxes Due
GAApril-JulySummerVary based on County/City
FLAugustNovemberBase by 3/31/18 - Discounted each month 4% by end Nov, 3% end Dec, 2% end Jan & 1% end Feb
ALApril-JuneFallMostly 12/31/17 - some vary
NCVaries based on Reappraisal schedule and individual jurisdiction: January - Marchlate Summer and Fall1/5/2018
SCVaries based on Reappraisal schedule and individual jurisdiction: Year RoundFall1/15/2018
TNVaries based on Reappraisal schedule and individual jurisdiction: prior to JuneFall2/29/18 with exception of a few Cities