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February 2017


FSSR is looking forward to another successful year helping our client base with property tax appeals and property tax management.

Below you will find specific notes for your reference.


Fulton County is currently completing their 2016 commercial assessment appeals and should be totally complete by mid March, including all reschedules. The Chief Appraiser position is still being filled in an interim capacity and no decision has been announced in regards to a permanent replacement. Because of this continued uncertainty, at this time, we are unable to determine, which, if any particular property types will be reappraised for 2017, although properties that sold in 2016 should be on notice for a reappraisal in 2017.

Gwinnett County’s long time Chief Appraiser, Steve Pruitt, retired in January and has been replaced by his assistant Stewart Oliver. Given the transition here, it is also difficult to predict any specific reappraisals that may or may not be on Gwinnett County’s radar for 2017, however, we don’t anticipate very much in the way of a major multi-family reappraisal especially since notices are expected to be sent in early April.

Statewide, there are really only two pieces of legislation pending before the General Assembly that concerns property taxes. One is a bill that would forbid Counties and Cities from collecting special assessments and/other user fees on the actual property tax bill. Examples would be solid waste fees, street lights, sanitation, storm water fees, etc. The Counties and Cities are opposed to this bill as it will result in increased costs to taxpayers and could increase delinquencies and problems from non-payments. The other bill is legislation that would effectively prohibit Counties from including the value of income tax credits in the assessment of Section 42 tax credit properties. In 2016, the GA Supreme Court ruled that not including these tax credits was unconstitutional. This bill is an effort to limit the impact of the Supreme Court decision to that group of affected taxpayers.


Business personal property return deadlines are next on the agenda with an April 1 deadline. Official TRIM notices will be issued August-September.


  • Several counties reassessing in 2017 with notices going out between March – October depending on jurisdiction. If you receive a reassessment notice, please forward to us as soon as possible so that we can review.
  • SC Business Personal Property deadline is April 30.


  • Several counties reassessing in 2017 including, but not limited to, Buncombe, Haywood, Orange, Forsyth, Guilford and New Hanover. Notices have been sent out in several of these counties and typically have a 30-day appeal window. Please forward notices to us upon receipt.