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August 2018 Newsletter


2018 Dekalb County GA Appeal Update

The Dekalb County Tax Assessors Office is sending out a letter on pending 2018 assessment appeals asking the taxpayer to switch the 2018 appeal from a HEARING OFFICER, which is what we filed and what we want, to a BOARD OF EQUALIZATION which we do not want to do.

Please refer to the second paragraph of your letter – you do not have to do anything to continue your appeal to the hearing officer. Do NOT sign and return to the County. Our intentions were to file those specific appeals to a hearing officer.


Property Tax Appeal Jurisdictional Specifics


TRIM notices are out in Florida with 25 day appeal periods from the date of mailing. Most deadlines fall in the second week in September.


Fulton County received a significant number of property tax appeals for 2018 and is in the process of requesting a temporary collection order. The tax year 2018 appeal process will extend well into 2019 and potentially into 2020.

City of Atlanta Public Works Department has announced an increase in all Solid Waste fees for 2018

Gwinnett County is currently holding BOE and Hearing Officer appeals.

Tax Bills are beginning to be issued and will continue over the next few months.

South Carolina

Revaluation notices are out in both Spartanburg County and Cherokee County with appeal deadlines in October. Beaufort County expects to mail revaluation notices by September and Florence County expects to mail in October.

North Carolina

Mecklenburg County will be reassessing for the first time in eight years and we are anticipating substantial changes to values. According to the county’s calendar, reassessment notices will be mailed in January 2019. If you have any additional Mecklenburg County properties that you would like for us to review, let us know.


2018 Fulton County GA Appeal and Tax Bill Update

With the 2018 assessment appeal deadline having expired on July 6, the Fulton County Tax Assessors Office has tallied over 42,000 appeals. Because of the significant number of appeals, the County is required, by state law, to request a collection order from the Fulton County Superior Court and that order is being prepared and will be presented in the next several weeks. Assuming the Court either approves the order as presented or some variation of that order, the 2018 Fulton County tax bills should be sent either at the end of August or the first of September with due dates 30-60 days from the mailing. At this time, we do not know if the Court will mandate that the taxes be collected on the proposed values, some form of the proposed values or the 2017 values. These bills will be noted as temporary and, if the bills are based on the 2017 values, there will be some reconciliation of the final taxes owed sometime in the future.

As far as the appeal process goes, with over 40,000 parcels under appeal, it is possible that this process will continue into 2019 and possibly even into 2020. As developments continue with this process, we will update you accordingly.