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August 2017


As we are well into summer, we prepare for tax bills from most jurisdictions. If you receive documents directly from the jurisdiction in the mail, please be sure to send over to us for our file and reply. Some documents hold a very short turnaround period.

Contact your sales representative or appeal agent with any questions.

Jurisdictional Specifics


TRIM notices are out in Florida with 25 day appeal periods from the date of mailing. Most deadlines fall in the second week in September.

In general multifamily assessments are taking huge increases due to the continued strong Florida market. The largest increases in assessment appear to be in Orange County with some, if not most multifamily assessments increasing in the 30% range.


The Fulton County Board of Assessors issued their 2017 assessment notices in May and then, after tremendous political pressure from homeowners and the Fulton County Commission, they rescinded the sent notices and went back to the drawing board for 2017. They rolled most of the 2017 residential reassessment notices back to the 2016 levels and let any changes in the commercial notices stand with all taxpayers receiving new notices on August 4. The new appeal deadline is September 18 with the tax bills being mailed on or before the end of September and being due around December 1. The 2017 tax rates should be set by the middle of September but we do expect a 5-7% millage increase due to the residential reassessment rollback.

On August 16, the GA Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Hall County BTA vs Hall County Marina owners case involving the constitutionality of a segment of HB202, which passed in 2015. The County is contending that the legislature does not have the authority to dictate Superior court conditions, specifically a settlement conference, to the Clerks of Superior Courts, i.e. this is violation of the separation of powers. The Supreme Court’s decision regarding this matter should be available in December.


Anderson County reassessment notices are expected to be mailed in September with a 90 day appeal window.


Tax Bills are being issued and transmitted.


The 2017 Davidson County tax rates were reduced by approximately 30% from the 2016 rate, due to the State mandate of revenue neutrality in a reappraisal year.

The Metropolitan Council has set the 2017 property tax rate for Urban Services District at $3.155, and the rate for General Services District is $2.755.

Commercial property tax is based on the assessed value, which is 40% of the total appraised value.

Belle Meade, Ridgetop and Goodlettsville are the only cities in Davidson County that have separate city taxes.

All other city taxes are collected by the Metropolitan Trustee's Office.